Got LSD?!

In order to get all the power to the road I decided to look for a good and affordable 25% LSD. The fact that my car is a ‘type 1 E28’ makes it a bit harder to find a good LSD. I had to find a 188mm ‘small case’ differential, with a 25% ratio and […]

I got myself an m52b28!

Today I picked up the entire “swap package”! It was quite a drive to get there but I ended up with a VW van full of cool stuff. What did I buy: m52b28 m52 wiring loom with ECU m50b25 inlet manifold additional m50b20 inlet manifold m52 exhaust manifolds open air filter ZF S5D 320 Z […]


Welcome to my BMW E28 ‘m20b20 to m52b28 swap’ blog! I’ll post the process of swapping the m20 with the m52 as precise as possible, could become handy as a reference 🙂 I’m not a fully skilled mechanic (in fact, I studied Digital Media & Communications) so bear with me when I’m writing weird things!