I got myself an m52b28!

Today I picked up the entire “swap package”! It was quite a drive to get there but I ended up with a VW van full of cool stuff.

What did I buy:

  • m52b28
  • m52 wiring loom with ECU
  • m50b25 inlet manifold
  • additional m50b20 inlet manifold
  • m52 exhaust manifolds
  • open air filter
  • ZF S5D 320 Z gearbox from a 1997 E36 M3
  • single mass flywheel and clutch from an E34 520i (m50)
  • oil sump pan, pickup tube and dip stick from a E34 m50 engine (with the bulge on the front)
  • custom engine mounts
  • E28 gearbox cross member
  • propshaft from an E28 524td
  • radiator from en E28 524td
  • all E39 water hoses
  • original E39 air-con pump
  • original E39 engine mounts
  • original E39 oil sump pan and accessories
  • original E39 wiring loom