Got LSD?!

In order to get all the power to the road I decided to look for a good and affordable 25% LSD. The fact that my car is a ‘type 1 E28’ makes it a bit harder to find a good LSD. I had to find a 188mm ‘small case’ differential, with a 25% ratio and the right final drive ratio. At first I didn’t know what final drive I needed to have, so I Googled for some hours. I found the following list of 188 ‘small case’ LSDs:

  • 2.93
  • 3.07
  • 3.25
  • 3.91

Coming from a 4.10 ratio with 125 bhp I did not know which ratio I should choose with about 220 bhp… So I asked my friend Nick and he stated “A 535i, with 218 bhp, has a 3.07 final drive ratio in a ‘large case’, so why don’t you look for a 3.07 small case LSD?” This made it sound easy to find one but keeping an eye on Dutch spare parts websites has learned me something different! Small case LSDs are hard to find and (IMO) extremely expensive. Especially the 3.07 ratio is hard to find in a small housing.

Until I was browsing on the Dutch! I suddenly had found a 3.07 ‘small case’ LSD for a reasonable price! 😀