Porsche parts!

A Porsche brake booster, that’s what you need when putting an m52 in an E28 🙂

I think I will sand or sand blast the booster to get rid of the surface rust. But that has to wait for a few more weeks as I am in the middle of graduating…

In the mean time I can make a list of all the further parts I need:

  • gearbox output shaft bearing (BMW 11211720310)
  • clutch bearing (SKF 2120)
  • engine oil (Castrol 5w30)
  • power steering oil (ATF DEXRON II-D)
  • differential (LSD) oil (Castrol Syntrax 75W-140 )
  • coolant
  • what to do with the exhaust?
  • … and what more?

And I can think about how to solve the temperature sensor issue. The m52 has a four-pin plug on the side, which is connected to the ECU and should be connected to an E39 instrument cluster but can’t be connected to the E28 cluster…