Engine out, again

There we go again. Yesterday I needed to take out the engine again as the clutch kept slipping in 3rd, 4th and 5th… I couldn’t find out what caused the clutch slip. After I inspected and cleaned all the parts, I put it all back in and today I tried it again. Sadly no improvement…

The first start!

After sorting out some wrong connected fuel lines (my fault, the pressure regulator sits at the opposite side compared to the m20), it was time to turn the key!! 😀 And after connecting the throttle cable and tidying up everything: Still, I had no RPM and fuel economy signal. But that should be an easy […]

Sorting out the custom loom

Not my strongest point, sorting out the loom. This gave me a real headache… For the first time I was doing wiring and I couldn’t get my head round. None of the schemes I’d found told me the right thing (couldn’t find wiring schemes from a type 1 E28). Fortunately a good friend and college […]

Some small things

Time for some small things. At first I decided to delete the CCV (crankcase ventilation) as I use the m52 dipstick without the small CCV pipe mounted to it. Deleting the CCV means I also have to make a plug for the hole in the inlet manifold. I made one out of POM again: Speaking […]

Exhaust things

I realized I had to make my own exhaust flanges for the part between the manifolds and Simons mid silencer. For the first time I made something from a steel plate 🙂 2 flanges that match the manifold dimensions and 2 flanges that match the silencer dimensions.

Throttle Cable

As my original m20 throttle cable snapped during the removal of the old engine, I needed to have a new cable. After some hours of searching and Googling I figured I needed the E36 325i cable with a curve in it (part #35411163228). I also made a custom plug for the coolant return tube. As […]

Old one out, new one in!

I got the old m20b20 out! I started with taking out some small components on Friday night and I took out the engine on Saturday morning. After that I started with the brake booster. The rod needed to be shortened quite a bit. My father helped me sorting out the right length and shortening it. […]