Old one out, new one in!

I got the old m20b20 out! I started with taking out some small components on Friday night and I took out the engine on Saturday morning.

After that I started with the brake booster. The rod needed to be shortened quite a bit. My father helped me sorting out the right length and shortening it. Before and after:

Time for the m52 parts to be unloaded from the car! As I already took out the diff, I’d figured it would be a good idea to mount the new one first (‘cos I probably would hit the drive shafts quite a few times with my head or back).

Straightaway I found a problem with the flanges of the new diff:

As you can see, the shape of the inside “cauliflower” is different. Therefor, the cups of the driveshafts wouldn’t fully fit into these “cauliflower” shapes. Fortunately the flanges are interchangeable.

Then the big moment of truth!

The engine went straight in! Some wiggling was needed to get the rubber engine mounts on the right place and I had to be super careful not to hit the brake line on the firewall.