Last minute road-trip to Wales

Very very last minute I decided to do a 7 day road-trip to and through Wales! I made a small route:

The entire trip was about 2800 km, from which 1600 km in Wales 🙂 It was epic!! I went on my own just to enjoy the superb m52, the awesome roads, the amazing views and the stunning places in Wales. Some photos of the trip:

I had so much luck with the weather, I had 7 days of sunshine with sometimes a very tiny drizzle. However, the car got very dirty during the last two days while driving Mount Snowdon. It had rained there quite a lot before I got there.

After 6 and a half days of driving a “funny” thing happened. While I was heading for the ferry from Dover to Belgium, the engine stalled when driving on the motorway. Just out of the blue..! Getting to the hard shoulder wasn’t as easy as I hoped; no power steering, no assisted brakes and a lot of traffic.. But with the hazard lights on I got there and I started to search for the problem. I took out fuse 1 and disconnected the fuel relay, after a few seconds I put them back and the engine started like nothing happened. So, back on the road! About 30 minutes later it happened again, twice… Then I figured it could have something to do with the petrol I got that morning. Maybe dirty petrol or not the right RON number for my ECU, I really couldn’t tell…

Eventually I made it to the ferry and once I was in Belgium I filled up with some fresh RON98. I had no further issues on the way home 🙂