New clutch!

After hours of Googling and reading blogs, I found out I need the “Valeo Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit”. Fortunately this kit includes quite a lot: Single-mass flywheel Non-Self Adjusting Clutch and pressure plate Throw out bearing Pressure plate bolts Flywheel bolts Clutch alignment tool So, I ordered the set 🙂

Engine out, again

There we go again. Yesterday I needed to take out the engine again as the clutch kept slipping in 3rd, 4th and 5th… I couldn’t find out what caused the clutch slip. After I inspected and cleaned all the parts, I put it all back in and today I tried it again. Sadly no improvement…

Clutch fitting

I had a clutch and flywheel lying in the garage of which I didn’t know anything. So I decided to Google the numbers and see if I could fit them to the engine. What do I have: BMW E34 520i (m50) single-mass flywheel Sachs pressure plate, type M228, suitable for ZF SRE Sachs clutch plate, […]