Small things

This is what the exhaust looks like: After driving around a bit I noticed the sump was covered in oil, no wonder when the dipstick looks like this. That rubber gasket needs to be 1cm lower. Then I noticed this dent in the front anti-roll bar. Caused by the lower sump bolt… Then I picked […]

Welding the exhaust

As said, I would need to custom make the part between the exhaust manifolds and the Simons silencer. Another friend and college accepted the challenge to build these custom pipes: The tricky part was to get the exhaust pipes right for the moving steering bar, that comes up a bit when steering. So one of […]

Exhaust things

I realized I had to make my own exhaust flanges for the part between the manifolds and Simons mid silencer. For the first time I made something from a steel plate 🙂 2 flanges that match the manifold dimensions and 2 flanges that match the silencer dimensions.