Small things

This is what the exhaust looks like: After driving around a bit I noticed the sump was covered in oil, no wonder when the dipstick looks like this. That rubber gasket needs to be 1cm lower. Then I noticed this dent in the front anti-roll bar. Caused by the lower sump bolt… Then I picked […]

Some small things

Time for some small things. At first I decided to delete the CCV (crankcase ventilation) as I use the m52 dipstick without the small CCV pipe mounted to it. Deleting the CCV means I also have to make a plug for the hole in the inlet manifold. I made one out of POM again: Speaking […]

Assembly time!

Finally I had some time to assemble some parts! I was very happy the previous owner already mounted the E34 oil pickup tube! I only had to adjust the plate next to it as the m52 plate has a little raised edge on the third raise. After that I mounted the new gasket and sealed […]