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  1. Hi, inspired by your thread, Ive been out and bought an e28 525e auto, and an m52b28 engine, m50 manifold, and zf gearbox out of the e36.

    My question to you, as mine was an auto, I am having difficulty in finding out what gearbox carrier to use with the e36 zf gearbox. Can I use an manual m20 e28 gearbox carrier? any help would be very much appreciated, along with advice on the propshaft, could you contact me directly via email if possible?

  2. Hello

    I am in the process now of swapping my m52 into my 85 524td. The m52 went in flawlessly and looks good in it. I know need to do alot of things now.
    I have several questions on steering. Do I just connect the lines from the steering box into the power steering pump? What type of hose should I use? Does it need to be custom?
    Or do I need to install a rack and pinion? This route is something I want to avoi if at all possible.
    This project is a bit unusual because I am using a diesel chassi e28 with a gas M52b28.
    Any insight on this issue? Also how did you install your P/S in your e28?

    Thank you in Advance,

    1. Hi Sonny,

      That sounds like a good swap! 🙂
      I was lucky enough the be able to use the high pressure line (from the pump to the steering box) and both the other low pressure lines from my old m20b20. As for the high pressure line: both the banjo bolt side and swivel side fitted fine. As far as I know both the m20b20 and the m21d24 use the same banjo/swivel sizes (M14 x 1,5 x 26) so you should be OK by using the old line.
      Then depending on the length of your old low pressure lines, you might be able to reuse the also. I didn’t need to order custom lines in the end 🙂

      I don’t have detailed photos of the power-steering and my car is at the hibernation storage at the moment so I can’t take new photos now, but I found this photo:

      Rack and pinion as a replacement of the old steering box is a lot of work, almost impossible to do. Though, there might be a topic about it on

      Good luck!

  3. Hello,

    What source did you find for the wiring. I am trying to make the connection piece between the M52B28 wiring harness and the e28 C101 connector on the fusebox.
    Also I have another challenge added because my e28 is a 1985 524td. I hope the C101 is the same for most e28 because all info on the pinout seems to be same for the c101 fusebox side.
    Any advice or direction in the right way would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance

  4. I am also swapping an M52 into my e28. I’m using custom motormounts. Why would I need a porsche brakebooster?

    Groetjes uit Nederland.

    1. Hi AJL van Boxsel,
      What E28 are you using as a base? m20 models have a vacuum brake booster that is way too big in diameter, it will hit the intake manifold. Unless you engine is more forward than mine.

      I had to cut away some plastic to prevent the engine hitting the brake booster (it could crack open).

      Some people used a brake booster from a VW Golf 1, that has an even smaller diameter than the Porsche 944 booster but they found them too weak (so the pedal is still very hard).

      Good luck and be safe during the Corona period!

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